100 Things: 66-78

28 09 2009

66. Versailles.

67. New York City at Christmastime/Thanksgiving. Possibly ice skate at Rockefeller Plaza. I am comfortable with my obvious tourist intentions.

68. Tour the Biltmore.

69. Live someplace that’s warm year-round.

70.  Give up adult beverages for a period of time longer than a month (don’t know if I can live without the occasional glass of wine for too long!).  See how much money I save.

71.  Take a painting class.

72.  Save up enough to take a year off of work.

73.  Redwood Forest.

74.  Sonoma.

75.  Grand Canyon.

76. Sing Karaoke every evening for exactly one week straight. (!) Karaoke Challenge!!!

77. Revisit London. I haven’t been back since my study-abroad days.

78. Live in Manhattan for a year. This might only work if I could convince my loved ones to move there, too. So, hey guys. I’m starting a colony there… Who’s in? :)

the best karaoke song of all time, now in flowchart form!

19 08 2009
A flowchart for Bonnie Tylers Total Eclipse of the Heart

A flowchart for Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

How cool is this?


7 07 2009

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you showed me some good sky this time, buddy.

open mic!

17 04 2009

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2009-04-12 21:45:34 -0700, originally uploaded by jp_zegers.

We did it!


Seabrook, again.

2 03 2009
it never disappoints!

it never disappoints!

Champion the Cat vs. Sunglasses Monster!

22 02 2009

Why is my cat so afraid of sunglasses?

The Hot Buns Bakery Does It Again.

24 01 2009

Please behold the majesty that was my birthday cake this year:

Abby is amazing.  www.thehotbunsbakery.com

vanilla bean :: meyer lemon sour cream cake with blueberry filling

 Abby is amazing at all things baking.  Buy her cakes!  And yes, friends, her mad skills are available for weddings.


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