I can smell you from a mile away…

16 07 2007

Root table

My good buddy, Erika, recently moved to Dallas to manage a cute little store called the Root Candles Studio, located in Dallas’ ultra-hip Inwood Village. The company, Root Candles, has been around forever, and their website is great… it includes a “LightStyle Quiz” that helps you determine which style of candle you would most enjoy (mine is Eclectic, go figure.)

Besides candles, the store, which opened in May, houses a bunch of other interesting and stylish merchandise as well, ranging from art to housewares to jewelry to everything else that’s pretty.

But, most importantly, the candles smell divine. I love my Ginger Citrus scented candle (thanks, Erika!)

They’re gonna be big, if they aren’t already.




2 responses

17 07 2007

This store sounds cool, although as a 24-year-old male my experience with high-class candles is limited. I’ve been told by the website that I am a modernist, so that’s a start.

Speaking of stores, did you ever go to the Composition store in Denver? I hear it moved from Lodo to Belmar, but I think that was after I left. I love their website even though I can’t afford anything. http://www.shopcomposition.com

Anyway, I’m excited about your blog! I love the name and idea. Keep it coming!


23 10 2007

Well, guess I am a modernist but they all had votes so I would not be put off by any lighting.

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