office manners police

18 07 2007

A compilation of uncomfortable and refreshing occurances I’ve observed while working in various office environments so far. Feel free to share your own…

Uncomfortable: People clipping their fingernails, and not just on one finger. All of them. In an open office environment. With no cubicle walls to guard their actions visually or auditorily…ly. With everyone around. Can someone please explain this to me? I don’t whip out my razor and start shaving my legs in-between coffee breaks, thankyouverymuch. Also uncomfortable: filing ones’ nails in meetings.

Refreshing: Playing Rock-Paper-Scissors in order to determine which member of the team gets the task at hand. Hilarious!

Uncomfortable: Loudly planning ones wedding/divorce/painful breakup over the phone to a friend, lawyer, etc.. To me, it seems fair game that if you are open and willing to discuss your personal life over the phone around your co-workers, then it’s only natural for them to make fun of you later. It’s only fair.

Refreshing: Playing the “thumbs” drinking game in meetings. (Not as effective with coffee as it is with alcohol, but still amusing.)

Uncomfortable: Giving your co-worker (of the opposite sex) a pet rock from your desk, inscribed with the word LOVE on it. “Just because.” (I seriously witnessed this.)

Refreshing: Receiving a Friday-afternoon email referencing an inside joke about where we think elevators might go on vacation:





2 responses

19 07 2007

oh my gosh, i totally want to know who had the pet rock.

19 07 2007

Sadly, it wasn’t anyone you would know. It was someone from a previous office. I’m sure we could find SOMEONE in our company with a lovingly-placed rock on their desk, however. sounds like a fun challenge.

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