Why I love cable television.

1 08 2007

I have always, always stood up for cable TV. No, it’s not a necessity. No, I wouldn’t die without it. But come on, it’s so amusing. I’m just saying… if I were on a Survivor-like reality show with Cable and Non-cable Shows as my competitors, I would totally vote Non-Cable off the island.

The show Ace of Cakes is an example of exactly why I love cable. Yes, it is a reality TV show about making cakes. But it’s not as lame as it sounds, I swear! In fact, I (obviously) don’ t think it’s lame at all. Just look at this. Would you call this lame?

drum set cake!

That’s right! It’s a cake decorated to look like a drum set. What could be cooler than that? In the cake world, I mean.

Anyway, the show (seen every Thursday or something on the Food Network) chronicles the cake crew at Charm City Cakes making challenging and unexpected creations in their Baltimore compound. The coolest thing of all, I think, is that the owner and head Chef, Duff, simply went ahead and hired his friends to help him with his business, all of whom have varied-but-artistic backgrounds. Now, the team prides themselves on making these super-fun creations. Here are some more of said delicious cakes:

Death Star Cake

Death Star Cake

PC Load Letter?!? Cake

taj mahal

Taj Mahal Cake! (I saw this episode… this thing was huge.)

And, oh yeah… they also do pretty:


It kind of gives a whole new idea to the phrase “eye candy,” no? Okay, so, I don’t care which one of you does it, but somebody needs to open a rock and roll bakery like Charm City Cakes… and hire me. Please. Not that I’ve ever tried, but I think I’d be a really good cake decorator.




3 responses

1 08 2007

Wait! I thought you were going to start it and hire me? I am totally down with this idea. I have only seen two of the ‘Ace of Cakes’ episodes, the Taj Mahal being one of them and I was amazed. And, honestly, the guy we chose to do our wedding cake was from a company very much like this but, to our dismay, it was rather obvious one of his new ‘flunkies’ decorated ours. Still a bit bitter ’bout that and sure that I would love to give it a try someday. Maybe we should find a cake decorating class this fall or winter?

2 08 2007

That Death Star cake looks poised to destroy my Alderaan cake and create a large disturbance in the Force.

23 08 2007

Dude, YES. how awesome would a krista-and-abby bakery be?

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