dear summertime: come back soon

10 02 2008

dear summertime,

remember how you used to show up and be awesome? i realize that it is only february, but can’t a girl have hope? in the midst of all this rain and overcastnicity (overcastness? cloudythm?) my friends and i could really use some of that good old fashioned vitamin d. not that the rain doesn’t make the pretty flowers grow or anything. i’m just saying.

currently, the following things are making me anxious for warmer weather:

luxe lollipop floral swimsuit at urban outfitters

ballet top

ballet top from

chase hotel in palm springs, california

someone at work told me about this place and i must say it looks dreeeeeeamy. mmm…. pool.

feel free to share your summertime daydream inspiration with me!!




2 responses

10 02 2008

Oh yes, the ballet top is to die for! Hmm…diet is called for before the bathing suit (yikes). And, I have two chairs in my garage to provide the ultimate in summer relaxation but they need to be assembled and stained first – we need some consistent no rain days. Oh, and I’m pretty sure overcastnicity has got to be a word!

13 02 2008

My daydream flashes before my eyes in non-sequential images:

Eyes squinting in sunrays. Dipping toes in the oceanwater. Hands sandy in the beach. Tossing the football around. Glasses filled with mojitos kissing my thirty lips. The grass coming in between my feet. The charbroiled smell from my grill. Opening my sunroof all the way to peak at the sun, and drive off with the wind in my hair. Driving over 520, and then when I hit the middle of the bridge, I look around and it’s 360 degrees of beauty.

Damn. I’m so ready for it now.

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