it’s pronounced “bon eevair…”

18 03 2008

remember that one line that zach braff’s character says to what’s her face’s character in garden state when he hands her his headphones with the shins’ song, new slang, playing?

“you gotta hear this one song. it’ll change your life, i swear.”

well kids, call me sappy, but i think i had one of those moments last week while hearing this band for the first time.

I’m pretty sure this might be one of -if not THE- favorite album this year… of mine. (that was probably implied, no?)

for emma, forever ago




2 responses

18 03 2008

Hey, love the blog, and your sketches are amazing. Burlesque is my new favorite thing. I hate to be anal, but it was Natalie Portman’s character who gives Zach Braff the headphones in Garden State and tells him the Shins will change his life. I’m a loser.

19 03 2008

You’re right! Thanks for the correction Nubs. 🙂

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