100 Things

6 04 2008

Recently I read a blog post by the super creative Ambika– whose blog I stumbled across randomly and who also happens to live in the Northwest- about 100 things she would do before she kicks the proverbial bucket. Being a person who’s always loved lists in general and in any form (especially in High Fidelity, mmmkay?) I was automatically inspired to give the list a go for myself.

I have a feeling said list is going to be ever-evolving and some of the actions might seem silly and/or straight up impossible, but it’s my list and I’ll blog it if I want to. Blog if I want to. Blog if I want to. (You would blog, too, if it happened to you.) Okay, funny in my head, confusing in yours…

Anyway, I digress. Today, numbers 1-25 of some things I want to will do before my time is up:

1. Visit the Taj Mahal and see it with mine own eyes.

2. Start my own business and run it successfully.

3. Take a couple of classes at the Photographic Center of the Northwest. Get good at taking photos.

4. Visit my brother in Japan.

5. Have an art show of my own work, perhaps in a coffee shop somewhere. Doesn’t have to be huge.

6. Visit Janet in Philly (I will get there!)

7. Write a song. Ya know… ’cause.

8. Wallpaper a room, maybe a tiny bathroom, (preferably mine) in a large-scale print such as this one or something from here.

9. Get a cat and name him Javert, after a character in Les Mis. Maybe get a bunch of cats and name them all after characters from that musical/book. OR just a name that starts with Mr. ___. Cause that’s funny.

10. Be an extra in a movie.

11. Cinque Terre. Just look at this picture. The place is calling my name, really. Don’t worry, pretty city, we will meet one day.

Cinque Terre

12. Road trip down the West Coast.

13. Research my genealogy (borrowed from Ambika.)

14. Take a Flamenco class and preferably dance like these amazing women. They are wearing the outfits I wear in my soul… Gorgeous!

15. Visit coastal Maine.

16. Learn to cook. Really well. Probably, if I have any chance of doing this whatsoever, it will be by learning from Abby. πŸ™‚

17. Attend New York Fashion week.

18. Rent a villa with some of my best girlfriends. Don’t care where.

19. Visit a vineyard.

20. Hang out in Santa Fe for a few weeks. Maybe let out some of my inner Georgia O’Keefe and do some painting, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the desert.

21. Visit New York during Christmastime to see all of the store windows and city decorated. The thought of this literally makes me smile.

22. Help out. Whether it’s volunteering, mentoring, or just talking to my loved ones more, I want to leave the world a bit better off. (I am a hippie.)

23. Maybe write a book or memoir. I’m learning to love writing, and realizing as I grow a little older that finally I feel like I have worthwhile things to say.

24. This is wishful thinking, but I’d love to see the Aurora Borealis. Can you believe anything this beautiful actually exists?!

25. Allow myself to “splurge” on a pair of shoes that costs over $40. πŸ™‚

To be continued!




3 responses

7 04 2008
Drew Kime

When you say “learn to cook” do you mean teach yourself from what you read, or actually in-person have someone teach you stuff?

I’ve already done the “teach yourself” part well enough to do a cookbook ( http://book.CookLikeYourGrandmother.com ) which also hits your “write a book” item. But I want to learn from someone who’s really good. Something like a two-month course in Tuscany. Yeah, I think that’s going on my list …

16 04 2008

Nice list! 24 sounds really good, maybe I’ll borrow that idea (:

21 04 2008

I love this, because it gives me ideas for mine. I’ve never done a vineyard tour and given that my mom is in Walla Walla, it’s gotta happen one of these days.

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