100 Things – #26-50

28 05 2008

26. See a night filled with fireflies. Try to catch some.

27. See Prince in concert. Oh wait. Did that last month! YES!!!

28. Visit the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis.

29. Ride a horse. I’ve only done this once before when I was a kid. The horse poo’d a lot and was named Salmanilla. Let’s just say I want to have a different horse riding experience.)

30. Own a home with a big porch, with ample room for a rocking chair.

31. Take a road trip to photograph barns, specifically. I like barns.

32. Make a mobile.

33. Be in a band.

34. Finish this damned list.

35. Chase the sun for an entire winter.

36. Learn to row (crew).

37. Study up on Irish folk music. Something about those melodies always stop me in my tracks. (Check out: Ann Briggs)

38. Go golfing. Big-kid style, not that putt-putt stuff.

39. BBQ and watch the entire sunset at Golden Gardens.

40. Bake a cake from scratch.

41. Buy my little sister a plane ticket to visit me.

42. Visit this crazy place.

43. Paint a self portrait like Joni Mitchell’s.

44. Sort through my grandparents’ old photos, hear their stories about them, then frame some.

45. Hold a monkey. (There’s gotta be one around here somewhere…)

46. Take a solo trip to somewhere secluded to refresh and unwind.

47. Stand underneath a great big waterfall.

48. Get another tattoo.

49. Start an official list of movies to watch. I’m crossing this one off because I was able to see all of the Academy Award nominees this year for Best Picture in 2008.  Yes!

50. Witness a child being born.




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