100 Things: 51-65

26 09 2008

51. Visit The Getty.

52. Establish a savings account.

53. Write a musical with Janet (awesome!)

54. Take my little sister to a musical (thanks, Ambika!)

55. Have a career other than interior designer.

56. Start a dinner club.

57. Visit Iceland. (Is this a repeat? Oh well.)

58. See a taping of Oprah’s show (I know everyone hates her but frankly I think it would be fun. Come on, free stuff!)

59. Own a canopy bed.

60. Audition for a movie. Go ahead… Laugh it up.

61. Live near (within driving distance from) my brother.

62. Help out with the Obama campaign.

63. Read one book per month.

64. Cruise the Mediterranean.

65. Be able to touch my toes. (perhaps impossible?)




3 responses

26 09 2008

Really quick…since it is the middle of the night!
The canopy is gorgeous…definitely always wanted one myself. The one pictures is very chic, totally sellable to a male.
You should absolutely take your sister to a musical.
I would cruise the Mediterranean with you…just say when.
And…stretching every morning in the shower…touch toes, stretch to ceiling…alternate for a few minutes every morning…you’ll get there, promise.
Savings account? Yeah, I try but it goes back to null to often to count it.
And the campaign? Hop to it girl…time is running out! You could even help by creating cool signs/slogans and spamming all your closest friends with them!
Love the lists!

26 09 2008

I just happened upon your blog surfing today. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this list. Mind if I steal the idea?

PS – I slept in a pencil post canopy bed that my husand made (he’s a professional furniture maker) for 5 years! They are not just for girls. 🙂 Now I sleep in a raw edge tiger maple platform bed (again made by my personal furniture maker). I miss the canopy bed because I could put hangers on it when I was folding laundry. 🙂

7 05 2009

Way to go on getting so many things crossed off your list already! I’ve changed some things on my list, since my priorities have shifted over the last year or so, but I have crossed off 16 so far! It’s amazing what writing it down does!!

Miss you!

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