100 Things: 66-78

28 09 2009

66. Versailles.

67. New York City at Christmastime/Thanksgiving. Possibly ice skate at Rockefeller Plaza. I am comfortable with my obvious tourist intentions.

68. Tour the Biltmore.

69. Live someplace that’s warm year-round.

70.  Give up adult beverages for a period of time longer than a month (don’t know if I can live without the occasional glass of wine for too long!).  See how much money I save.

71.  Take a painting class.

72.  Save up enough to take a year off of work.

73.  Redwood Forest.

74.  Sonoma.

75.  Grand Canyon.

76. Sing Karaoke every evening for exactly one week straight. (!) Karaoke Challenge!!!

77. Revisit London. I haven’t been back since my study-abroad days.

78. Live in Manhattan for a year. This might only work if I could convince my loved ones to move there, too. So, hey guys. I’m starting a colony there… Who’s in? 🙂




2 responses

9 04 2010

i think you should update your blog because i think you’re awesome.

9 04 2010

Thanks buddy! I have been a super slacker on this blog…. whoopsies!

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