Skipping and Going is a sort of metaphor for my friendships and adventures. For me, living joyfully, with an open mind, and keeping up with the good people in my life and the cool stuff they’re up to is what it’s all about.

From reviews of my new city (Seattle!) to just basic stuff that I think is noteworthy, inspirational, or hilarious… Let’s skip and/or go, shall we?


I enjoy: sparkly city lights, singing along, photography, traveling, discovering new music, design in general, my iPhone, Phil, VH1, etsy, old country tunes, and laughter. i do not enjoy: whales (too big and creepy), jerks, or the thought of sitting behind a desk for the rest of my life.  I miss colorado sunsets, the sun, and seeing the big open sky, but have found a happy new home here in the Pacific Northwest.


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